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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Well Happy New Year to you all!  It's been a VERY long time since I last posted so have decided it's definitely going to be my thing this year.

Last year, around February time, I decided, with the right mindset, it was time to lose some timber once again! Last time was when I turned 30 and I shed 4 stone!  Not all of it went back on but the majority did when I went for my first weigh in back in February last year.  So, over the Xmas period, I took a massive eating habit break but by Xmas I had lost almost 4.5 stone in weight and liking the compliments that kept coming my way (even to the extreme that some didn't recognise me!).

So, to this year, I would love to lose another 2 stone at least so that's what I'm all about...changing my eating habits for life.  I've realised, hopefully in time, that I need to change my eating habits for life to make the impact long term and if I'm not prepared to do this then I may as well give up now!  But I haven't, I've chosen to carry on and move that timber!!!!  Up to Xmas, I had dropped down 5 sizes in jeans and more in tops :)  The problem is, particularly being female, we always want more! It's a massive psychological hurdle when you've always struggled with your weight to accept compliments, that you are changing and losing lots of inches!!!

So, I shall endeavour to report on my progress via this blog and will in time add some before and after photos as that's a massive motivator for me.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Where did that weekend go???

OMG! The weekend has just flown and I cannot believe the reality of work has struck again :(

Started Friday with kids ice skating followed by ice hockey training! Three hours in an ice rink at the end of a hard week at work is NOT the ideal......lol. Home from hockey training to do some serious bedroom makeover work for the little man! The other half had emptied the room so it was on with the paint. Not any old paint tho! What can only be described as Kermit the Frog green paint!!!! Finally went to bed at about half one then I woke up on Saturday morning with flashes of green like you get when you stare at a lightbulb...lol.

Up went the new cabin bed Saturday morning which was lush (bargain of the year so far - £1o on ebay). Then the NHL flags went up, shelving unit mounted and the hi-fi moved back in :) The room looked fab!

After all this hard work it was decided that we needed a treat so off we went to the local Harvester.....double yummy!

Home for a power kip (30 minutes max) then off to ice hockey - Wildcats v Milton Keynes Lightning this weekend. Great effort by the team again just missing out on a draw to take it into overtime. On to the bar for a few shandies :P for the club quiz night. Not that I did much of the quiz, spent most of the night at the bar with my mate Aldy having a giggle....hehe. After a brisk, chilly walk home the head happily hit the pillow :) zzzzzzzzzzzz

Sunday brought more fun and games - Circus skills at Coate Water with a ride on the Choo Choo (train). For those who don't know having fun via alphabet every two weeks. So we met up with some mates and had some fun.

Michelle had hijacked the schools circus equipment so we all had a go at diablo, plate spinning, juggling and frisbee! As it turned out the girlies did the above and the boys played catch or footie with the juggling balls....lol

By this time it was Sunday afternoon and I was absolutely shattered but was still determined to have our Sunday dinner complete with yorkie puds (first time ever I'd bought Aunt Bessies). It was lush - finished off a fab weekend of fun and frolics.

When does the next weekend start????? lol

Wednesday, 27 January 2010


This is a whole novel experience for me. Going back a few years I used to use both Dreamweaver and Fireworks to build and maintain a few Government websites for a living however now I have no clue how to do it. So! It's strange to be seeing HTML everywhere again!

I have decided to start a blog to let others see what I like, how I see life through my eyes (ups, downs, the whole lot) and what makes me happy/sad.

Hopefully it won't be a disaster and everyone will enjoy seeing life through my eyes.