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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Well Happy New Year to you all!  It's been a VERY long time since I last posted so have decided it's definitely going to be my thing this year.

Last year, around February time, I decided, with the right mindset, it was time to lose some timber once again! Last time was when I turned 30 and I shed 4 stone!  Not all of it went back on but the majority did when I went for my first weigh in back in February last year.  So, over the Xmas period, I took a massive eating habit break but by Xmas I had lost almost 4.5 stone in weight and liking the compliments that kept coming my way (even to the extreme that some didn't recognise me!).

So, to this year, I would love to lose another 2 stone at least so that's what I'm all about...changing my eating habits for life.  I've realised, hopefully in time, that I need to change my eating habits for life to make the impact long term and if I'm not prepared to do this then I may as well give up now!  But I haven't, I've chosen to carry on and move that timber!!!!  Up to Xmas, I had dropped down 5 sizes in jeans and more in tops :)  The problem is, particularly being female, we always want more! It's a massive psychological hurdle when you've always struggled with your weight to accept compliments, that you are changing and losing lots of inches!!!

So, I shall endeavour to report on my progress via this blog and will in time add some before and after photos as that's a massive motivator for me.